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The 15th season of Women's Running School is going Virtual!
Greensboro Running Club, in cooperation with Cone Health, will sponsor a 9 week virtual Women's Running School from August 6 - October 1, 2020.  This 9 week virtual training program will get you ready to run the Virtual Women's Only 5K during the week of Sept. 28 thru Oct. 3, 2020.

This virtual training program will focus on providing participants with the educational information and practical experience they need to complete the race safely and effectively. Participants receive a 9 week training plan, weekly motivational e-mails, a shirt, a hat and membership to the GRC for the remainder of 2020.  We hope to be able to offer a once a week option to run together, but that will depend on COVID guidelines at the start of August. 

Women's Virtual Running School FAQ:

Q:  How much will the virtual school cost and how do I pay?

A:  This will be our 15th year hosting the Women's Running School, so we have decided in honor of our 15th year, the cost for this years virtual school will be $15!

Payment options are via check sent to our PO Box, PayPal or via Venmo to @Greensboro-RunningClub.  If paying via Venmo, please be sure to also send an email to with the subject line "WRS Venmo Payment" so we will have your email address.

Q:  If we are able to meet, where will we meet?

A:  We will change locations throughout the training to provide a variety of running routes.  This will be determined in August.

Q:  What are the age requirements?

A:  All ages are welcome!  We have had women from ages 13 – 77 in the past!  

Q:  Do I have to be a runner to participate?  I would like to do the walking program.


Q:  How do I know which training plan is right for me?

A:  Once you register, you will have access to all the training plans.  We will ask you if you are currently a runner and if so what your current pace is.  This will give us an idea of which plan to suggest you try.  If you are not currently a runner, we will likely suggest you start with one of the plans that has you running for a few minutes at a time (before taking a walking break).  If that plan is not challenging enough then you can move up.  Almost all of our training plans follow an interval pattern, which means you will run for a certain number of minutes, followed by a brief period of walking.  You will repeat this interval several times during a 30-40 minute period.

Q:  Do we only run/walk one time per week?

A:  No.  All plans are designed to have you running 3 days per week.  

Q:  What should I do on the days I don't run/walk?

A:  On the training plan, you will notice on the non-running days it will say to X-Train or Rest.  Cross training should be done at least twice a week and can consist of biking, swimming, playing tennis, weight lifting or some other activity that you enjoy.  Cross training is very important and will make you a better runner.  Rest days are also very important and you will need to make sure you have at least one full rest day!

Q: I'm not a fan of virtual anything, how will I stay motivated?

A:  Obviously, doing a virtual school is not ideal.  We will be sending lots of emails with motivational tips, running information, hydration and nutrition info, etc.  If you need some additional motivation let us know and we will pair you up with a mentor.

Q:  Do I need any special equipment?

A:  No.  You will need a good pair of running shoes and comfortable, weather appropriate clothing.    Also, if you have a digital watch that would be helpful for your interval training, but this is not required.

Q:  How will we receive our shirt and hat?

A:  After the virtual school begins on August 6, we will offer a few options for participants to pick up their shirt and hat.  We will NOT be mailing these items.

Q:  Is the cost of the Women’s Only Virtual 5k Run/Walk included in the training?

A:  No, you will need to register for that separately. You can find more information at

Q:  Will there be any Assessment Runs this year?

A:  No, we will not be holding Assessment Runs this year.  Once you register, we will contact you and ask you about your running in order to determine which plan we feel will best suit you.

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